Our favorite Doom multiplayer port
Rules Package

(note: when reading further down, remember, that the primary philosophy of the clan is - making dead everything we find. we always try putting together things that can't be usually put together)

* Fair Play. Any Kind Of Cheating Or Acting Lame Is Strictly Forbidden!!

* No Politics! No Fascism/Communism/Whatever In The Name Of THE CLAN!!

* No Flaming On Opponents Or CLAN MATES (without reason).

* Respect Your Opponent Without Prejudices. Change Your Mind After You Have Played Him!

* Do Not Make The CLAN Look Cheap.

* Inactive Members Will Be Banned From BAD TASTE.

* Every Clan Member Knows How To Win And Lose With Honour.

* Chat Fraggin Is Okay And Without Consideration On Lag.

* You Never Forget The Word FUN!!

at least:

* Be a Full-Heart Doomer.

You want to join BadTaste?

Meet us at ZDaemon, drop a message at #BT (zdirc.ath.cx) or post on the Forum and we will think what to do with you.