Our favorite Doom multiplayer port
The History of BadTaste

DOOM II - Hell On Earth v.1666.. that's where it started at all. in the age of 13 i was faced with that text in the bootup for first time. i spend ours at pcs of a former good friends of mine to get it through uv within a few weeks. it took not long and i needed to get an own machine. a pc. my right half  which was hanging on commodore systems (C=128d and an Amiga500) was against it. additionally there were some consoles like Atari 1200, NES and SEGA MS, finally the left determines so i bought a used pentium. 75/64. were going over to check out that serial/parallel thing.. it took time but finally we were in it and a time of not being at home at all and spending nights with crushing each other began.  this ended in the end of  1996 by several reasons..
..so now in march 2003 after 2 years additional experience in quake 3 i got finally back home to DOOM with the zdaemon and csd port.  after all i can say im on it nearly everyday (night) since i registered. When i found out De@th is with me nearly all time at night with just 1 hrs time zone difference it was a question of time in joining a clan. And so was it. After some weeks we were going to build up the local [NME]. Founded by KK the clan set itself the point of beeing NME to anyone left on zdaemon and all around.  That was not what i wanted and there was that damn 7 hr time difference. De@th saw that in same way.. so we left [NME] to grow up own thing.. [BAD TASTE]!! 

The First time I've heard about computers and got interested with those happened somewhere in 93-94, at the age of 10. There was that PC gaming club not far from my new home, where it all began. Doom was the first game I saw there besides the others, and from that day PCs were the only thing i thought about. In addition, my mom found a job at Microlink, where she had become a PC assembler. After about 5 years we moved again, to Maardu, where I live since then and one mom's friend at the work gave us his old 386SX 33MHz, 4MB RAM, 81MB HDD computer (ppl already had Pentiums at that time). The only game I liked that worked there was Doom, but it also worked fine only with screen sized to minimum. I tried to make maps and something like that, but because of lack of creativity I forgot that idea, though there were knowledge and technical possibilities. In 2 years I "upgraded" that peace of thrash into 386DX, 8MB RAM, 512 MB HDD (WOW), and was able to run (in addition to Win95, yay!) Heretic and even HeXen, where i had first scripting experience. Some years later i finally got my nice working PC, PIII-933. Later, when i already had 56k internet connection, I, for the first time, heard about Doom playing through internet (damn, where was I all this time?) and dl'ed ZDaemon client. (That was at the beginning of March 2003).

In April/May I found 206, who asked me, if I was interested in some clanage (NME). Later, for certain reasons we left it, and ended up raising [BAD TASTE].(De@Th)