Our favorite Doom multiplayer port
BadTaste vs. DoomCrips
SUNDAY the 3rd of August, 2004
..Although only 6 games are played yet it is already official we got our ass kicked badly and lost the war.
They became monsters on gsn. take care ;). the current result is 298:140.
De@Th vs. Dominus: L@P | GSN
Beran vs. Badfish: L@P | GSN
206 vs. Traci Lords: L@P | GSN


* Fair Play. The war ends if a player is obviously cheating.
No need to talk about a winning team then

* Each member will have 2 games on Dw5/Map1.
on on our and one on their server.

* The Fraglimit will be 50

* DMFLAGS and DMFLAGS 2 values are equal to
the gsn / l@p 1on1 servers.

* All games will be recorded.

* If a player crashes the game continues from his last score.

* The Result will be the final score of added frags
(0 - 400). Most score wins the war.