Our favorite Doom multiplayer port
BadTaste vs. Crappy Gods
The 4th of July, 2003
The game turned out to happen pretty unplanned. No demos, no witnesses... :p
(BT won.)
De@th: Crie, Megalon (Judge Death)
206: Your Doomed, Escarface (Judge Death)
Beran: Madgunner, Sycotic Jellybean
Twiztid: Mega-Dog, (Helldog) (Judge Death)
Kilgore: (Helldog)


* If a player is obviously cheating it's the end of the war and the lose for his team at the same time!! fair play dudes!!

* If a player crashes during a game he will reconnect and go on from the score he ended with

* The games will be recorded by spectators