Our favorite Doom multiplayer port
Brain Damaged
ZDaemon Development
Website/Forums' host/admin
MSN/@: Kilg0re(at)hotmail.com
WEB: hs.keystone.gr
Origin Greece, Athens
Birth Paleolithic
Joined June 11, 2003
First DooM 1995
Fav. Port ZDaemon
Fav. Gametype FFA
Fav. Weapon Rocket Launcher
Fav. FFA Wad Exec/Map12, Brit11/Map03, Overload/Map05
Fav. duel Wad Dmc2/Map03, Exec/Map03, Brit11/Map05
Fav. coop/sp Wad None
Other Games A little bit of UT and some really old video arcade games
Mouse? Yes
Machine P4-1800/FX-5200
Connection 56k
Music Classic Rock
The Doors
Rolling Stones
Pink Floyd
Jethro Tull
Deep Purple
The Who
Ten Years After
Jefferson Airplane/Starship
George Thorogood
Lynyrd Skynyrd
ZZ Top